Destination: Anime Expo 2014

T-91 days until July 3@AX2014 

Photo Credits: Katie

Photo Credits: Katie

Who here is going to Anime Expo 2014?! I am! As well as my boyfriend, best friend, and cousin. I will be making two separate cosplays, maybe three if my cousin wants to double with me, but for sure just two.

This cosplay here, is for Katie and me. We will be doing Illya and Miyu from Kaleid Liner. We have the staffs all made and ready, actually we still have to put it together, but everything has been painted and molded! Wish I could have made a video because things turned out so well.

By the way! If you ever need help and purchased from Home Depot, their staff is very friendly and will help you! Katie and I are very appreciative towards HD employees because we had some trouble spray painting.

Until Next time! Phase one – Handhelds complete!


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