Destination: Friendship

Association of Chinese Students

Photo Credit: Jung Kim Photography

Photo Credit: Jung Kim Photography

When people tell you that joining clubs or frats, or social groups in general, is a special experience, those people are wrong. Making friends and creating strong bonds between yourself and other people is the same wherever you go because that is with in your own power to make that experience special or not. For the first few weeks that I started joining clubs in the Fall, I did not feel any special connection with anyone. In fact, I still felt lost and awkward. Eventually, I stopped going to the gatherings and the meetings and stayed home or hung out with the people I normally go out with.

The most important part of joining social groups, is to forget that you do not know anyone. Chances are, a lot of people want to get to know you, but if you hide yourself from the world like I did before, you will not have the chance to meet some incredible people.

Spring semester came, and a friend I made from one of my classes introduced me to his club, Association of Chinese Students (ACS). I was reluctant at the beginning because I do not like to dip my feet in to unknown waters, but I am glad that he and the representatives pressured me to join. Do not get me wrong, I still feel awkward and have a hard time making conversations with everyone, but I am trying to be more open. What really helps, is that a majority of the group is more welcoming and conversations are no longer a major struggle for me. So, here are a list of thank yous I would like to give to those that allowed me to feel at home here in ACS. Kyle, thanks for introducing me to the club. Valerie, thank you for being the first person to talk to me; I am sorry that I have neglected you since, but whenever I see you, I don’t speak loud enough for you to hear me; I will try harder next time. Alicia, Maggie, Tiffanie, Jessica, and Emi, thank you for the fun times in modern and at the club meetings; wouldn’t stay around if it weren’t for you guys! Cynthia, thank you for being the reasonable upperclassman and calming me down when I had troubles. Big Gary, little Gary, Steven, and Arthur, thank you for remembering I am present at meetings and gatherings. Dede, thank you for the self-esteem boosting when I did not understand a lot of the moves during modern.

After joining groups for culture night (April 12 6PM @ Rose Theatre, Westminster), I found myself enjoying the company of others and feeling less constricted. I had to quit hip hop because my parents would not allow me to be out late for practices, but I still keep in contact with most of the friends I made in that group and hope that I will be able to join again soon. If not next year, then the next one after that. I will be participating as a ribbon dancer for culture night and I will say that practices were not walks in the park. We trained over several weeks and during spring break to prepare for this big day. This will be the first time in about 8 years that I will be performing on a stage. Dancing with ribbons is no easy feat, so please send your prayers my way that my hard work pays off and I don’t get stage fright.

I am most thankful for having my Big, Kerry, because she makes me feel happy and worries about me even if there isn’t really anything to worry about. I am so sad to see her graduate this spring because I have only been with her for a few weeks; but I am happy to congratulate her on finishing school with so much knowledge that she has passed down to me. I hope that I’ll be able to get her a great graduation present, and manage to sneak into night clubs with her because I am technically not allowed to go due to curfew, but we shall see. Kerry told me she wants to be there for my first night club experience, so I hope that I can share that experience with her before the opportunity slips away.

There will be more, after all, I have three more years to go! Look forward to hearing about more stories 🙂


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