Friendship II: Fun and Guilt

ACS Culture Night! 2014

April 12

Truly a wonderful night! I am so glad that I participated in this event not only because this was my first and last time being able to perform with such wonderful seniors, but my big, Kerry, came to watch and support me. Boyfriend was being lame and was unable to attend, but I stopped by his house on my way home.

After almost three months of hardcore training, with hell week just before culture night, we can say that that night was one of the best. There are a few things that I regret doing and not doing before and during the performance, though. There was a short intermission between final dress rehearsal and the performance, so my group and I decided to grab lunch. Westminster has very long wait lines. We headed over to Brodard Chateau after buying some sandwiches to get a Durian smoothie for me. I didn’t realize that one drink would take 30 minutes just because there were other orders before mine (food orders). That sounds really whiny, but I assumed there would be separate workers for drinks and food, I guess not. We were almost late for our performance, and I felt terrible. As soon as we got the drinks, we high-tailed it back to Rose Theater and ran inside. Luckily, two other members were still inside and prepared the ribbons for us. Got there in the knick of time. If we didn’t return in time, our three months would have gone to waste.

Ribbon Dance

The other guilt inducing action I took was abandoning a friend on stage. Originally there were supposed to be three stall persons, but there wasn’t enough time to make three stalls, so only two were made. I felt uncomfortable being a stall girl, so I asked to be switched with the other stall person that was removed. Right before the scene, my friend that was also a stall girl, asked me how we were going to react when the grandfather actor has a heart attack. When I told her that I swapped, she looked betrayed. If I could have taken it back, I would have, but the person I switched with really wanted to be a stall guy. Now I don’t know how to make up for my actions. I realize that this may just be my ego, but I honestly feel guilty.

The show ended just before 9PM and everyone was getting ready to go for dinner. Unfortunately, I have curfew, so I had to go back early. I wish that I went out to eat with everyone because celebrating with the people you’ve created a bond with is important, right? I hope next year I will have the chance to attend. Until then, that’s a wrap!


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