Destination: Involvement

Running for Board and Job Opportunity!

I apologize in advance for my really corny titles. I promise these are only for the first posts of each category. Moving on, I wanted to update on my school and community involvement these past couple of weeks.

First off, I have been preparing myself to run for a board position in the Association of Chinese Students (ACS) as either webmaster or secretary. I am not too sure how I will go about presenting, since I have stage fright. But, that is what gaining experience is all about right? By writing these blogs, I hope to situate myself in a comfortable position to handle routinely social media updates on various of platforms like facebook, twitter, tumblr, and the actual website. Although, because I work as Data Entry for my parents, becoming secretary does not sound too difficult. Creating spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel is simple and I am expanding my knowledge of Quickbooks; not that I will need to use that program for this club. I am all about presentation and promptness, so I feel that my position of webmaster will run smoothly. Never know if I have to run against anyone else, though. I have not learned how to embrace rejection and move on.

I am, also, preparing myself to become an AICA (Awareness of Inter-Culture Association) Representative for the Japanese Culture Club. The position is already mine, but shadowing the current AICA Rep make me weary of what I will have to deal with in the near future. I am not sure how I will handle academics, extra-curricular activities, and a relationship. I will probably limit myself to four classes next semester and have as many morning classes as I am able to take. I learned that afternoon classes are exhausting after a few weeks and the will to attend those classes diminish.

Recently, I saw a job posting for examination proctor at an Elite branch near my home, so I applied to that. There is no guarantee I will obtain the position, but I can dream, right? This would be my first step to a job I got by my own means. If I am accepted, I will be so happy. Wish me luck you guys! And do not fret, this is only a summer job, so it will not affect my studies next semester. Joy is me.

I considered a photography internship, as well. But my portfolio is lacking…especially because I just received my DSLR and took the pictures all on the same day. Feel free to check out my portfolio; any feedback is welcome! I have to write another resume tailored for this internship, so I have not responded to the email. If I am accepted to Elite, I will not have the time to participate in this internship, and turning down the internship after being accepted is not only rude, but unprofessional. It has only been a day since I received additional information for the internship; what duration of time of unresponsiveness is considered okay?


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